Education is essential to the individual, as it gives us knowledge of the world around us and increases the potential to change it into something better. It is equally important to society, and is fundamental to the well-being of our community. Achieving higher-levels of education increases the prospect of wider opportunities and a higher standard of living. Higher education also reduces the probability of being dependent on society for support, and promotes independence.

The Assyrian community historically had limited access to equal education in their native countries, and as such increasingly recognizes its importance. AUAF strives to make college education a top priority for every Assyrian family in the country, inspiring the community to advance that goal one generation at a time.

Education changes lives and communities. All students deserve the support they need to ensure that they thrive in school and beyond. We aim to help young Assyrians realize their academic potential and empower them with the knowledge and resources to complete a higher education—with the hope that they will mentor and serve as role models for generations to come.


Amanda Slefo, Education Director


Tutoring at AUAF

Our program is designed to help struggling students aged 13 to 18 work towards academic success. Assyrian students needing assistance and support in any subject may attend sessions free of charge.

Tuesdays and Thursdays
4pm to 6pm
Ashurbanipal Library

Our Goals:

  • Equip Assyrian students with the tools they need in order to succeed in their studies and when entering professions
  • Empower Assyrian families with knowledge and resources related to education
  • Make college a priority for Assyrian students


Mentoring at AUAF

Many Assyrian refugee students have trouble adapting to American schools after enduring traumatic experiences in their native countries. The majority of Assyrian refugees begin reading at elementary levels, as they have experienced years of interrupted schooling.

Volunteer with our mentoring program to work with Assyrian refugee students of all ages. Apply here.

Applying for FAFSA? We can help. This year’s deadline is June 30, 2017. Request an appointment now.